I Stand By You

When loneliness and depression land on our hearts, the last thing we’d need is taking an advice, for all the thoughts gather up to pass on all the wounds and misfortunes to ache the burdened heart, and in times like these nothing seems to be able to take these feelings away, you know it wouldn’t last forever but for now it does, so don’t you tell me now what should I have done or what must I change, just sit by my side and let me rest my head on your shoulders.

Sometimes words are unnecessary, a simple hug might do better or a small kiss on the cheeks, a look on the face which reminds us that someone is there for us, real help comes in small packages, stop giving advices and don’t try to motivate, we don’t need to be reminded of what is missing, we just need to forget, just for a little awhile until these feelings go away.

And no words can tell my gratitude for those who got my back in the worst of times, those who saved me a shelter in their arms, those who taught me what it means to have someone who always stands by me.


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8 thoughts on “I Stand By You

  1. I would never be able to say it better. I have tried so hard to explain to my family, my colleagues, my friends, that what I need is for them to be there, available, to care and understand, but instead they give advice and judge, and even worse, they get upset if I don’t follow their advise. Instead of being there, i hear things like I can do nothing for you as long as you are not listening. I also hate when they come out with statements like You have everything to be happy, we don’t get it!! Yes, exactly, they don’t get it!

    1. this is exactly what happens everywhere, and they do that because they are trying to help, but the problem is that in those times we don’t need this kind of help, and maybe we act this way too sometimes when we are trying to help someone we love.

  2. a wndrful post ,,,really need sumone to help remove ds “?” frm life. it s evn more pathetic wn u dnt knw whom u cn open urslf wd n dat ultimately develops too many fears in ur mind.

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