Story Of Midnight

Beneath the candle’s shadow I flamed my soul with hope, wiped down the sorrow and lightened a spirit out of the separate pieces, I wrote for you the words that’s meant to be unsaid, threw the letters all over a paper I had always saved underneath my pillow, each night I write for you till I weep, and so I’ll always will.

But a night shall come where all the lights will fade along the fire of the candle which can no longer survive, and as that darkened night comes, I shall write for you no more, but till then, I will lay my troubled words upon the white sheet, I will tell you about the silence of the night, tuned with rain drops unto my wooden roof, I will tell you about the hours I spent watching the fire fades away little by little, and have I told you about the dawn before? It shines so brightly, wasting the dim light of the candle within the morning yarns, oh the dawn, always fools me with a fresh hope, turns off the candle and tears apart my filled up sheets, but don’t worry my friend, I won’t be fooled again, this night I will not wait for the dawn to rise, this night I shall be released, so don’t shed your tears if you read my words, but embrace them, for they have always been burdened with mine.

Tonight the candle’s shadow will vanish, and set the darkness on my scattered sheets, and now I can comfortably close my eyes and sleep before the rising of dawn, leaving my shattered spirit rests on the papers waiting to be found, to tell my story of midnight.

This piece was taken from:
In The Silence Of Beauty

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3 thoughts on “Story Of Midnight

  1. tonight, my letters vanished like the stars when the day comes, and no night shall arrive to let these lights shine again. All my hopes and waiting have suddenly lost within a second; All the things I endure are now put to waste, and only the tears on my eyes are there witnessed the pain that trembles my flesh bones, devouring, pieces to pieces, the strength in my soul. Who shall save me when nothing is there for me? indeed, I cannot wait for dawn to rise, nay, for this night to pass. I have lost my life and my everything, alas, I have lost her, and now she is forever gone, forever gone, forever gone!

    for now, I cannot accept the fact that I already lost someone who I ardently love. And even how much I try to fix it, nothing can be done save it. I can feel the pain like it’s forever, and it grows even painful every hour for no one is there for me to cast the comfort of their arms. What have I done? I know I cannot forgive myself. I never thought she would leave me in my worst times, in my defeat, and in my weakness. I never thought she could hate me and forget her love. Please save me, or it shall last my days.

    1. The dawn will rise…and don’t fear it but embace what it holds for you…and all the words left unspoken..tomorrow the dawn will rise and when it does wecome the chance of a new begining a new chance to write all the words that were left unspoken…because withinin it u hold the chance of eternal happiness…

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