Musical Inspiration And My Soulmate

By Charity Parkerson

Hi, my name is Charity Parkerson and I am the author of the International bestselling “Sinners Series”.  Recently, a fellow author asked me if I could name a way that music had inspired me.

I love music almost as much as I love to write and that is really saying something.  The T.V. in my house is rarely on when I am home alone, but my ipod never gets a break.  I tend to lean towards the music that fits my mood, and I have learned to use that to my advantage in my writing.  If I know that I am writing a love scene or a heartbreaking scene, then I set my playlist to match my scenes in order to keep my mood even with my writing.  However, music has also equally influenced my “real” life, as opposed to the imaginary one that I normally live in, and I believe that music can lift you up when you are down or allow you to wallow in your misery if that is what you need at the time.  Songs hold our memories.  How often do you turn on the radio and suddenly find yourself thinking about a person or a time that you’d forgotten?  Just like Trisha Yearwood says, “The Song Remembers when” and if I had to pick one song today that remembers for me, it would have to be:

Usher  “You Got it Bad”

This song was very popular back when my husband and I were dating.  We would be out on the town when this song would come on the radio, and then we’d turn the sound up, and sing this song to each other at the top of our lungs.  We meant every word, but we would still laugh about it afterwards.  We decided against playing this song at our wedding, in order to keep from offending some of the older quests, but in my heart this song will always be my wedding march, because I know every time that I hear it, that it was the song I was hearing in my head as I was marrying my soulmate.

Do you have a song that remembers for you?

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4 thoughts on “Musical Inspiration And My Soulmate

  1. Music is more important to me than anything else. Each song in fact reminds me of a particular person or situation. Song’s lyrics can always express my feelings better than anything else. I can’t think now of one specific songs, except Chiquitita ABBA. When feeling down, I always think of my imaginary friend singing this song to me, just to understand what’s going on and to support me.

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