Voices From Within

Why does it sadden us if nobody asks when all we wanted was to be left alone? This strange thought had just came to me, why does a girl stay up all night hoping that he would call after she told him that it was over? Why are we always hanging to a thread of hope and why are we always disappointed? We always assume that people will understand, that someone will know what we feel without saying a word, we ask them to leave us alone then get mad on them if they did, how strange are we! Burying everything deep inside and wishing hard for someone to see who we are.

To know who we are is something that we ourselves can’t tell, our feelings lead us to react in ways which we cannot understand why, and we are confused, reason of mind tells us where to go but the passion of heart seduce us to somewhere else, and we are lost in between.

To know who we are is something that we will keep on learning, and if we came across someone who was able to see a little through us and know the way into our hearts, we must be grateful to be blessed with people like this, the people who would find a place beside us when we ask them to leave us alone, the people who would call after we tell them it was over, for they are the reflection of who we are.
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One thought on “Voices From Within

  1. I guess we only reach that point when we went through a lot of deceptions. I know that is how I am. The hardest thing for me is to say how I feel, to explain what is hurting me, to ask for help whereas in my heart all I want is for someone to see through me and say just those two words: I know.

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