Ghosts On Stage

Pull up the curtains and let me rise along, turn on the light and I shall shine, with dreams carried by a little boy, with hopes that burdened a lonesome heart, pull up the curtains and let me get on stage, play the kind of music that would rhyme the sorrow of my life, and let me be the person that I am, believe in me and I shall be reflected in you, this is my time on earth, this is my part to play.

And those who wait backstage and those who already left, are like images of time, fade behind the curtains when the crowd applauds, and as I am in between carrying on the images of those who knew, passing on mine for those who will, another forgotten soul shall cross through me, unaware of what hides beneath, telling my story into the crowd, singing my requiem when the lights are off.

Maybe we are only ghosts after all, at the stage of life each plays his own role, some pass us by like a fleeting guest and some stay around for awhile, each got his own story to tell, each got his own song to sing, until the crowd applauds when the curtains are closed, until our time is through we shall live the life we are here to play.


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