Little Sweet Moments

We often count our life by the much of success we achieved, or the distance we have crossed; unaware that life is a bit simpler than that, life must be counted by the little things we always take for granted, for these little things are in fact our everything, hanging out with best friends, a good meal with family, laughing insanely over an old joke, or a deep talk with a close one, these little things that seem nothing are actually the big things.

So leave behind the past and put the future aside, enjoy the sun before it fleets the sky, and embrace the night before it fades at dawn, happiness can’t be found in a dream come true but in the nights we dream awake, life is a bit simpler than the way it seems to be, but the magic of it is being wasted through all the worries and regrets, the beauty of it is being harmed with all the hatred and anger, life is a gift of time which you were given, each day that passes leaves you less in hand, appreciate your gift before it’s all gone.

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