Unjustified Happiness

Unjustified happiness … I heard this phrase and many words flowed into my head, can I say unreasonable happiness? Does the rapture of joy float over all minds and reasons? Or does reason itself that make us rejoice in times we thought we wouldn’t? I know these times well enough for I have been there so many times, was it unreasonable? Maybe, but the essence of it is much deeper than that, it’s not just the good time we have, it’s the hope and dreams which overwhelm our hearts, knowing that the best is yet to come.

I know this good feeling won’t last but so does depression, and as we let ourselves sink in grieve, we as well should let ourselves get lost in joy and happiness, to refresh you dreams, to redraw your smile, to wipe away the tears and wash away the sorrow of your heart, we all need to be reminded at times of the goodness that still around, the blessings, love, friends, family, beauty, grace, those which always surround us only we often can’t see.

So what if it was unreasonable? Why would you care? Isn’t it unreasonable too to get depressed while surrounded with so many blessings? Let us forget all reasons and follow the madness of our hearts, enjoy the happiness that comes every once awhile to remind you that life is beautiful, and push to go after your dreams.
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4 thoughts on “Unjustified Happiness

  1. I like your verses good work and thank you for putting it in the post (LOVELY),
    I am man of fifty’s and I’m off work and at home under the doc’s orders and I too put a pen to paper now and then like you said in the verse above, ( I know these times well enough for I have been there so many times,) I too walk down those memory lanes now and then,,,!!!
    Smoetimes we must get hurt in order to know and sometimes our visionclearsonly after our eyes are washed with tears, at the end of the day, you will not remember the person with the most beautiful face but you will remember the person with the most beautiful ( heart and soul ) Thank you again,
    well thats all from me for now till next time yours thankful Sohbhat

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