Don’t Forget To Dream

I remember by this time last year when the idea of starting a blog website was just growing in my head, learning how to use wordpress, writing articles and saving them aside, telling people about it, they used to be my greatest excitement and my real motivation, there is a true happiness and an overwhelming joy in working for the dream, a feeling of comfort in the times we are tired, and taste of fear in the moments of hope.

There is a quotes I heard once that always push me to keep going and it says: “Don’t let life discourages you, everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was”, there will always be a reason to discourage you but will you let it do that? Will you stop and give up? Or will you fight? I think I am still fighting even though I often come through times where giving up is all I think about.

And as there is always a reason to discourage us, there is as well so many reasons to uplift and encourage us, the reasons that inspire us to fight and dream, my great friends at Echoes have truly been an inspiration to me, and they are my greatest encouragement, and I will always be thankful for sharing this dream with me

So look around you one more time and try to find your inspiration, don’t bury your dream inside, let it out and walk after it, don’t let life discourages you, you can be the person you wish to be and it’s never too late to try, do the things you are afraid to do, and never look back, those who love you will always push you ahead, let them do, the future is yours so don’t forget to dream.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Forget To Dream

  1. “I think I am still fighting even though I often come through times where giving up is all I think about.” It says it all about the way I feel now.

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