To Where You Are

Let me sail away into your horizons and dream beneath a different sky, embrace a spirit that had escaped to land in a beautiful world where you shall be, and let it shine from within, uplifting my heart as it falls down upon your shoulders, passing on a sweet hope that gently crawled out of … More To Where You Are

Story Of Midnight

Beneath the candle’s shadow I flamed my soul with hope, wiped down the sorrow and lightened a spirit out of the separate pieces, I wrote for you the words that’s meant to be unsaid, threw the letters all over a paper I had always saved underneath my pillow, each night I write for you till … More Story Of Midnight

I Stand By You

When loneliness and depression land on our hearts, the last thing we’d need is taking an advice, for all the thoughts gather up to pass on all the wounds and misfortunes to ache the burdened heart, and in times like these nothing seems to be able to take these feelings away, you know it wouldn’t … More I Stand By You