We often find ourselves facing crossroads; the choice you make will determine your direction, should we go right or should we go left? And we often find ourselves going back, so scared to take a step ahead in the unknown, for we believe that what we don’t know will not hurt us, and maybe it … More Crossroads

Follow Your Heart

I was invited last week to write a guest post for Human Angels Blog, and since I haven’t written anything new, I decided to share it with you, Enjoy it 🙂 Here I am gazing into an empty white screen looking for some words to write, I have no idea what I am going to … More Follow Your Heart

Inner Struggles

Well, here I am trying to renew my faith after days of not writing, trying to step back after what seemed to me as losing my way, to feel that you have been betrayed again by life, and that the world is not as wonderful as we thought it is, nothing comes easy and the … More Inner Struggles

Fighting For Life

I guess we all remember “Positive Positive Positive” post few days ago, it was a guest post, my talented friend Nicole Lacolle wrote it, and today I was happy to do the same, I was invited to write a guest post on her great Nikky’s Strength & Weakness Blog and it was my pleasure to … More Fighting For Life