Remember When ……

Each one of us is having a special place in his closet or desk to keep some old things in, maybe old letters, toys we had as children, notebooks we wrote at high school, a simple present we had from a loved one, or a napkin for someone we loved and lost, and these things don’t only take a place in our closets but in our hearts too, we keep them inside away from our reach, because we are so scared to remember.

It’s not just the future that frightens us, the past can do that too, even though it has already left but its ghost will never stop chasing us, whether it was good or bad, it hurts us with bitterness and sweetness, leaving us only memories to be remembered by, a whisper, a lullaby and a smell of perfume, for as strange as it may seem, the things that stick the most in our heads are the simplest, it’s not the days but the moments that fulfill our memories.

And as we should not be afraid to dream, we should dare to remember too, to face what had passed and get the chance to say goodbye, to look back with no regrets and get the chance to forgive ourselves, only then we would see a little peace of mind, and feel the sweetness in pain.

The moments that was ended, the love that got lost, the people who passed away and those who walked out, are wounds we will never be healed of, but they were the end of good things, so why don’t we remember the sweet moments we once had, the love that beautified our lives, and the people who once made us smile, for there are things in life that worth to be remembered no matter how painful they may be.

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5 thoughts on “Remember When ……

  1. Oh my god so loving this post at the moment,it speak to me as of what i’m feeling.go to say again so ❤ this.

  2. Oh i so love this it all so very true,just what im going through at the moment with my past trying to face it is a very hard task,have not talk about it for the past 20 years,as said we have to get a chance to face it and say goodbye,and that’s the worst part of it all saying good bye again 😦

  3. In Therapy, my psychologist was surprised how easily I would talk about my past and the bad memories. many times, she was in tears while I was talking, and I felt nothing. The reason is that I have learned to ignore my emotions. That is not the solution, because my body is in pain

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