Fighting For Life

I guess we all remember “Positive Positive Positive” post few days ago, it was a guest post, my talented friend Nicole Lacolle wrote it, and today I was happy to do the same, I was invited to write a guest post on her great Nikky’s Strength & Weakness Blog and it was my pleasure to do so, and here I am sharing it with you hoping you like it.

Every time I see a newly born baby I have the same strange thoughts, I find myself gazing at his eyes that seem to be looking at me, wondering if he really sees me, does this child know the place he had been pulled into or is it still too soon to figure that out? We never know the ups and downs which we are going to face, we never know the pain that will ache our hearts, yes we are going to fall so many times, and each time we fall we shall bounce up and rise again, maybe hope will carry you up, maybe a good friend will uplift you, or maybe you are very strong and you can always depend on yourself to shine.
 And so when I see the newly born child wondering how tough is he going to fall, and what kind of wounds will put him in pain, but I am never worried, because with each obstacle we find ourselves capable of fighting it back, there is always a strength deep within but we don’t know we have, and when life hits us so hard we fight harder, but when the fight is for the sake of a dream then it’s so worth the pain.
Life is hard, short and full of pain; no one can deny that, each got his own burden but we are still alive, and that’s a precious chance, let us have a little faith and believe in the goodness of life, let us be grateful, let us thank the people who always stand by our sides and tell them how much we love them, and always believe in your self no matter how down you are, life had gave you another chance to live why don’t you give life another chance to be good!

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