Inner Struggles

Well, here I am trying to renew my faith after days of not writing, trying to step back after what seemed to me as losing my way, to feel that you have been betrayed again by life, and that the world is not as wonderful as we thought it is, nothing comes easy and the fight is tough, happiness can’t be found and we are struggling inside, but I guess that’s normal to happen sometimes, the desire to let go and give up while everything deep inside you tells you not to, for somehow we never lose our faith in life.

What brought my attention to this and reminded me not to lose my faith in life, is that I crossed through Paulo Coelho’s Blog today and read his article Inner Struggles, about how happiness is freedom and not how much we posses, the things we own do not bring us happiness, instead they enslave us outside of real life and real freedom, Paulo Coelho said:

“I remember that I considered to buy a castle here in France: I went to see some.
One day I realized that if I buy a castle, I cannot think about anything but taking care of it. Therefore, I bought a small watermill, so to keep it is very easy, and I have time to go to the mountains, to walk, do spend my life in the way that I would like. In short: the less you have to keep, the more you have in freedom.”

 The less you have to keep, the more you have in freedom, because the less you have to keep, easier it gets to take risks and fight, life hits us hard at times, but the harder we fall, the harder we bounce back, if you were brave enough to fight and strong enough to endure, then life will pay you back one day, as Paulo said:

“You could look at these experiences and say “Paulo’s life is tragic” but I don’t see it that way.
What I do see is someone trying to remain true to oneself. Yes there is a price but I believe that life tends to be very generous to those that are brave enough to take these risks.
In a word, I’ve always had faith in life, even when I thought “God forgot me”.”

So look back at your life and see how strong you were to move on through some tough experiences, and how many miles you have crossed in this world, dreams do come true, believe in that and be happy.


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2 thoughts on “Inner Struggles

  1. Very beautiful post Samar!!!
    “The less you have to keep, the more you have in freedom, ” That is so true!!! I can write pages about it and in many different contexts. I am not saying that one must never try and get things that might bring him comfort in life, but those things must always stay “accessories” and not priorities in life. It’s only when we say Yes without holding back to materialistic things that we are free.
    I don’t know if you read my latest post. It’s the one I wrote the other day when we both agreed to try and write. That day, I thought I lost Faith in life, but then when I saw all the support and love there are in the world, I could only take a deep breath, look ahead and think, one more try.

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