We often find ourselves facing crossroads; the choice you make will determine your direction, should we go right or should we go left? And we often find ourselves going back, so scared to take a step ahead in the unknown, for we believe that what we don’t know will not hurt us, and maybe it won’t, but we will end up hurting in other ways, the pain of regret over the things we didn’t have the courage to do and the pain of disappointment for the dreams we lost, isn’t this hurtful enough?

But one is always afraid of realizing his dreams, because the pursuit of a dream is our reason for living, and once the dream comes true what are we going to live for? What will we do at night then? Yes it’s terrifying to have your dream come true and those who fear will never follow their dreams, when they are faced with a crossroad they carry their dreams and go back.

On a crossroad all fears gather up against you and all dreams subside, are you strong enough to take a risk? Will you fight? Does your dream worth a try? A little bit of courage and a little bit of faith is all you need to take you there, nothing that worth having comes easy, we need to sacrifice to chase the dream, when you face a crossroad don’t you ever go back, the journey might be tough and terrifying, but something on the way does really worth it.

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