What If You Become The Worst Version Of Yourself ?!

People say that everybody’s got a dark side but we can’t always see, it’s the bad version that hides in each person, but what if we saw our dark side? What if we become the worst version of ourselves? What if we broke someone’s heart? Can we bear to hold the pain of remorse for hurting someone we love? Can we bear to see the tears of the dear eyes? I guess sometimes we can and we turn around.

The feeling of guilt is what usually follows to put you back on the right track, steals your heart at night and leaves you awake, wishing hard to take back the words you’ve said and the things you’ve done, how ironic, when you’re provoked and you manage to say the right words that you feel and make them hurtful enough, it’s like a triumph, but afterwards it could turn out to be a big loss, the loss of innocence, the loss of a friend, or the loss of who you used to be, how ironic!

But there are times you feel so lucky, as you’re fighting and blaming yourself so badly, you find someone still around asking you not to be so hard on yourself, and instead of blaming you on what you’ve done, he sits and asks about you, yes you are lucky when you find someone who is more patient on you than yourself.

When someone becomes really annoying and pushes you away, when someone becomes very sensitive and cries for no reason, when someone becomes so aggressive and gets angry over a word, when someone becomes the worst version of himself, then he is just broken and can’t find words to tell, so don’t leave him for that for it could destroy him, and somehow becoming the worst version of ourselves is our only way to run and hide but only true friends find us again.

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3 thoughts on “What If You Become The Worst Version Of Yourself ?!

  1. There is a limit to which a man can keep his anger controlled , but when he hits he will burst letting all the hidden feelings go out ,i think some times he will be relieved that he finally did what he always wanted to do, and btw i think my worst version of is about to be available soon 😕 😛

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