Against All Odds

Sometimes life goes against all expectations, against all odds, it disappoints all hopes then cleans away the desperation, it breaks you down then shows you the way, life does not suck all the way, sometimes it gives you more than what you have lost, and that’s the beauty of it, you can never predict tomorrow and you will never guess, our negative thoughts convince us that it won’t go well, until days surprise us with a gentle touch of life.

I have just realized this recently, few good changes in my life were enough to prove me wrong, we think we know life well that we can see the future but none of us really did, for the days of our lives are more than just equations that we can find their answers, life is much deeper than that so never give up on it.

For now I know that the bad things which bruised my heart all my life had turned out to be something good for me and I didn’t know it, every challenge we face makes of us better persons, and each regret we carry along creates a character in us, that’s how life goes, never take it too seriously for both good and bad will pass, and that which we bury inside today will only hurt us tomorrow, so don’t be so hard on yourself, life is not as bad as you think.


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