Healing our fears with the knowledge of the Oneness

Today I’m pleased to share with you a guest post by the amazing Human Angels blog, once again I thank you for taking the time to pass by Echoes and write this great post ,, hope you all enjoy it 🙂

When we become aware that the only reality is Oneness and that we are that Oneness, our hearts fill with joy and every fiber of our being is full of Love. And it is then that the darkness (even the deepest part of it) that still lurks within us is illuminated by the intense light that we embody: everything that separates us from the Oneness manifests in order to be recognized and released.
Therefore, every trial in our life is a gift, an opportunity that we ourselves have chosen, so that we can dispel the darkness that we bring in and make room for the light. Only riding the tiger can we realize that it is not real and that it is only a paper tiger. In fact, when we finally look at ourselves with courage through the mirror of our fears, we discover that what we feared only existed in our minds: fear is the memory of pain (the past) and the attempt to avoid it (the future). Fear is always separation from the present and it is also one of our own worst enemies, because fear always brings with it a sense of guilt.

Judgment, attachments to our past, the fear of loss, fear of change lead us to attempt to control our lives and crystallize in forms that, sooner or later, produce suffering.
When we feel fear, we deny our True Nature, forgetting that, as an indivisible part of the Oneness, we have the same creative power as the Oneness. In fact, as  we have unconsciously created our fears, similarly, we can consciously decree their end and start to create only what we choose to create.

When we are prey to our fears, we have to remember that we are giving power to that which does not exist. And remember that the only reality is Unconditional Love: the eternal, immutable state of Being.

Fear enslaves us, Truth sets us free and the only Truth is the Oneness.

Experiencing fear and overcoming it, opens our hearts to Compassion: any fear and pain, once transmuted into Awareness and Love, becomes a precious flower to share with others in Unity.

And we finally have the courage to be ourselves, to be accomplished and happy.


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