Moments Of Peace

The night is fading behind the new yarns of dawn, and in few minutes I will be watching the sunrise, I have been up all night witnessing the departure of a day and the beginning of a new one, I had moments of peace this evening spending the night alone, listening to soft music and … More Moments Of Peace

Is This Love ?!

Sometimes I wonder, what is this power that makes someone find pleasure in the loneliness of the night? What makes someone enjoy the company of the darkness? Is this love? Love which beautify solitude and isolation, for now matter where you stand you always find your dreams wandering somewhere else, to the place where love … More Is This Love ?!

Stop Trying So Hard

Today I came across one of the greatest posts I have ever read, a true guide to peace of mind and success, I couldn’t not to share it with you because it’s really worth it. Written by: Bethany Butzer Positively Positive I’ve worked hard my entire life. Really, really hard. From a young age, I … More Stop Trying So Hard

Beneath Moonlight

Take my hand and let me fly away, to a land where moonlight can cross through my door, where the smell of daffodils can still arise after all, take me to a place where there are no heroes nor martyrs, where wounds do not bleed and neither aches do last, bring on the night so … More Beneath Moonlight


Every night we put our hearts away and cry out the burdens to sleep, but with the rising of dawn we gather up the pieces of the broken heart till it’s fixed again, we light a candle to flame a dream that had almost faded and open the windows to let the sun sneak in, … More Shine

Believe …

Awhile ago I was watching one tree hill season finale episode, and there were words at the end that I could not forget, very touching and uplifting, a reminder to dream, as it says in the song: “And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true”, so I wanted to share these … More Believe …