You Think You Know Me?!

Look beyond the days and seek through moments, hove you found me yet? Have I been missing in you or am I just lost? Pass by the wound and step over the pain, have you recognized the dream? Or has it completely faded that even I can no longer see? Do you think you know me? I am the stranger, whom you have found in some images of your life, seconds and days, moments and years, how many have we shared? How many lives have we crossed through and what did we leave behind?

Do you think you know me? Then try to see through my tears and look behind my smile, try to hear the silence through my lips and let me say no words, I am the dream that only a heart can feel, and I am the loss that only I do fear,  so what do you know of what you have not been told? What do you see of what I do not show?

We are the fleeting guests of this land, what hides within us is who we really are, and what we keep inside is our true soul, we are the fleeting guests of this land until we’re gone, so how would you see me when I’m gone? How would you hear me when I shall no longer talk? I am just a fleeting image of your life, I passed by your days and I left some behind, so have you found me yet? Have you recognized my dream? Then how you think you know me?!


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7 thoughts on “You Think You Know Me?!

  1. I know you!! And you know me!! So all the other drama don’t mean nothing!! You r no stranger not to me!!! I have never forgot u!! You forgot to remember that my promise to u I never broke and I have written you tons of letters that u didn’t get!!! Please dont assume u think u know what someone tells u!!! You KNOW me!!!!! REMEMBER that!!!! And u will know the answer!!!!

  2. I was a litte taken aback by ur post. U have always been so positive, the only thing i got was a misunderstanding. I belive we all jump to conclusions only to be in r own head most of the time! Wish u well

    1. and i’m still positive but it’s normal to feel this way from time to time through life, we bury certain things deep inside our hearts that no one can feel but us, but you are right there are always some people who can see through us and understand us without saying a word 🙂

      1. We dont know everyone, but i know very few well. But we cant read anothers mind and alot of the time we jump to conclusions.. I am guilty of it! And the answer is i do know him, because the heart never lies.. But ur head will decieve u. Listen to ur heart the answer is there.

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