Was It Worth It?

After all our losses and all the sacrifices, we can’t help but to ask ourselves: was it really worth it? Was it worth it staying up all night thinking of you? Was it worth it turning around to follow a dream? Was it worth it getting hurt to believe? I can’t help but to wonder sometimes if I had taken the right choices, I wonder if I have risked my soul, have I messed up?

Sometimes it’s worth it and sometimes it’s not, sometimes we make the right choice then regret it later on, and other times we make a mistake then realize it had served us somehow, how ironic is that? But the effort you give and the pain you receive will pay you back in someway, for nothing lasts forever, neither laughters nor tears, so sit back for awhile and try not to analyze each tiny detail of your life, let the day pass with no pain and no regrets, whatever happened had meant to be, and each choice you made is another chance, enjoy it in good and bad for nothing is perfect in this place.

So in the end I guess it was really worth it to fight and to dream, to laugh and to cry, it was really worth to get hurt and feel the pain, the beauty of this world can be found in the darkest hours if we really were searching for it.


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3 thoughts on “Was It Worth It?

  1. The regret I had deep within my heart a minute ago, vanished somewhere… Seriously, You are a mood lifter..:)

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