Life Shines From Within

I was trying to come up with words to write all day and still I can’t figure out what I want to talk about, I can’t tell if I’m filling these empty sheets to share an idea or just to release a bit of what’s locked in my heart, either way I feel I am compelled to write, so I put on some music and made myself a cup of coffee, then I wondered and wondered.

This is just a mood, and maybe not a good one, the thing that sucks the most about the mood is that you can’t justify it, you try to find the reasons but you can’t, I mean when something bad happens to you, you get depressed or angry but we never call it a bad mood, because bad mood and good mood come from nowhere, you might have a bad mood even when things are going right, and you might have a good mood even when you have every reason to cry.

And that’s not the only problem about moods; they can control your mind and make you think unreasonably, you find yourself making unreasonable promises when you’re in a good mood then neglecting your blessings and fighting your friends when you’re in a bad one, in good mood you believe there’s a solution to any problem you might face, while in bad mood you are pretty sure that this chance is not going to work.

What a complicated creatures we are, and what a strange place life is, but what I came to realize is that life is simpler than this, simpler than all the anger and hatred that fill up our hearts with darkness, prettier through love and forgiveness, brighter with hope.

And as I’m done writing this I felt some comfort, for now I know there is no reason for these thoughts to keep crawling around my head, and maybe if I can’t find reasons to justify my bad mood then I shall start searching for reasons of why I shouldn’t, what you see is what you get, now I understand, what I see in life is what I shall get of it.


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