Every night we put our hearts away and cry out the burdens to sleep, but with the rising of dawn we gather up the pieces of the broken heart till it’s fixed again, we light a candle to flame a dream that had almost faded and open the windows to let the sun sneak in, every night we die but in the morning we are reborn again, to dream and to fight, to forgive and to love, each time the sun arise, hope shines along and begs us to give it one more try.

Look back to all that you have been through, what had made you holding on for so long? Remember that each time you think of giving up, let that remind you of the dream that motivated you to fight and walk ahead, the dream that made all troubles pass by so smoothly, because you know that your dream worth all the losses and all the sacrifices, so give your dreams one more chance with each sunrise and shine.

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