Is This Love ?!

Sometimes I wonder, what is this power that makes someone find pleasure in the loneliness of the night? What makes someone enjoy the company of the darkness? Is this love? Love which beautify solitude and isolation, for now matter where you stand you always find your dreams wandering somewhere else, to the place where love is around, to the place where someone really cares for you, is this love?

Is this love? A phone call that lasts for hours, comfort in silence, glances of eyes that only those who are in love can understand, pleasure and happiness, love is gazing into someone’s eyes and seeing a future hides within, and if love was the one thing that breaks a heart, it is too the one thing that adds a sweeter taste into life.

For now I believe that love can change us indeed, it makes a different person of you, a person that can see the beauty of this land and believe in a dream come true, but you never know that until comes the day when someone comes along to find a place in your heart, turns your life upside down, till you are sure that there is no way you can live without that person that came from nowhere to add meaning for your life, is this love?!

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