Laugh Out Loud

Take away all the drama and put the actions aside, I need to run away and have some good time, with TV in front of me going through channel after channel, put me Seinfeld or Frasier, Simpsons or Friends, let me see Goerge Carlin, and give me some crazy laughs, we are grateful for the … More Laugh Out Loud

Only For You

A strange thought just crossed my mind, when a friend or someone we love comes to us with his problem, we try the hardest and do our best to come up with the best solution, and sometimes we do a great help, but if the same problem had been ours we find ourselves helpless with … More Only For You

Moments To Steal

Awhile ago I was listening to old songs on Youtube, songs that I almost forgot, even though they were my all time favorite when I was 9 or 10 years old, maybe I don’t love listening to these songs a lot now but I have truly enjoyed them, perhaps they took me back 10 years … More Moments To Steal

Not The End ..

I don’t know what I’m going to be talking about or what I will write, life and happiness, love and sadness, loss and failure, or sacrifice and pain, I don’t know which to talk about but I guess we all know very well each one of those, I guess each life got them all, and … More Not The End ..

You Are Not Alone

Since last year when I started this blog, I have been sharing here all my feelings and all my thoughts, the good ones and the bad too, the positive ones and the negative too, I was looking at the empty screen and started typing my words, didn’t know that my writings would reach out to … More You Are Not Alone

Do Not Let Me Cry

When the burdens are getting too heavy and the load is becoming too painful to hold on, the smallest touch can be a reason to break you down, for when you feel you had enough, every simple thing would remind you that you can’t take this anymore, it would push you to give up, all … More Do Not Let Me Cry