Do Not Let Me Cry

When the burdens are getting too heavy and the load is becoming too painful to hold on, the smallest touch can be a reason to break you down, for when you feel you had enough, every simple thing would remind you that you can’t take this anymore, it would push you to give up, all your burdens would fall upon your face to show you how tough will it be to stand again.

And here comes the real problem, when you reach to this phase, everybody around you keeps pushing you instead of being supportive, why can’t they understand that at times like these all we need is good gesture, to have our faith back and believe in the goodness of life again, what we need the most is a reason not to give up, a reason to hang on, a good deed to rise above all this cruelty.

That is all I ask, try to be the bright side in my life, do not let me cry, crying is not always good, for at such times it might be devastating, it could break your heart, at such times you need a reason to believe, some good time to help you forget, a deep hug from a best friend, and someone telling you that everything will be fine, and that this too shall pass.

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