Time To Say Goodbye

Through my life I had been forced to say goodbye many times, I hate to say goodbye and I don’t want to get used to it, it aches the heart to put things behind and walk away, whether they were good days that were not meant to last, or loved ones who shall not stay, when it’s time to say goodbye you got to gather up the broken pieces of your heart to let them walk away, even if they’ll take along all the essence of your life.

Let us not say goodbye when it’s time to leave, how about see you soon or talk to you later? How about we’ll meet again? How about a promise not to let the memory be forgotten? a little bit of hope that those good times shall come by again, a crazy laughter over an old joke, a nonsense talk that lasted for hours, a cup of coffee on one sunny morning, staying up all night till the rising of dawn, good times that were special only because we’ve shared together, so let us not say goodbye and tell me that we’ll meet again.

But we never stay together, someone always leaves, there is always an empty place that can’t be filled, beautiful memories that will never be forgotten, old pictures to help us relive the sweet moments, and when the memories cross through our heads we smile with tearful eyes, knowing that those sweet moments really worth all the pain we feel now, for they have added a different taste into our lives, and no matter how hard it was and how painful it might be, we must be grateful that we have people in our lives that make it hard to say goodbye.

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7 thoughts on “Time To Say Goodbye

  1. Yes it does hurt to say good bye.I have 2 horrible things happen in my life.I lost my sister in 2001 from a terrorist act.And I never said good bye to her.My marraige has been a sham for years and I am leaving this behind at the end of the year.I am going back to my country I left and will be saying good bye to my 3 children and 4 grand children and close friends and that will hurt.I have never been happy in this country and have a illness and wont even have health care once I am divorced. I am looking forward to seeing family and a loved one when i go home.But everything is bitter sweet and i too hate the word goodbye.Its sounds to final.So would rather say see you.The only person I will not miss is my soon to be exhusband after all the bad things he has done that is one goodbye I want to be final.All you can do is move on and trust God will be with you and get you through this.Love this post it says everything I feel in my heart.

  2. Goodbye means forever.. It means to let go of whatever it is that u can no longer be a part of. I hold on to the memories before dawn. I keep them close to my heart I often kiss them!! I could never say goodbye only aloha the next time I hear ur voice and I wil soon .. To the one I love you can call me after tomorrow money is on gt.. I love you see u later

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