You Are Not Alone

Since last year when I started this blog, I have been sharing here all my feelings and all my thoughts, the good ones and the bad too, the positive ones and the negative too, I was looking at the empty screen and started typing my words, didn’t know that my writings would reach out to you, which had added a meaning to all that I write, and what made me more happy and proud is that lately I got many messages from people who read my posts, telling me that I have described exactly how they feel, and that my writings have helped them in someway, to be honest I was speechless, and had a feeling I’ve never felt before.

The thing is that those messages had helped me too, you know why? Because when I was writing, I was talking about how I feel and how I think, I thought these feelings are mine, these problems are mine, but that’s not true, I realized that I was not alone, someone else is having the same feelings, someone else is feeling the same pain, someone else is fighting his obstacles, and someone else is dreaming too, we are all together in this life and we all feel the same, we are not alone.

You maybe have lost someone you love, maybe you have a broken heart, maybe your dream is faraway, maybe you’re lost and you don’t know where to go, but you are not alone, look around you and see how many wounds and miseries are out there, but we all survive just like you did, we all fight and dream, hope for a better tomorrow and we walk for it, for no matter how great was the pain, there is always a remedy, there is always a chance, and there is always a hope, fight for it, you are not alone, we are all fighting with you.

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