Not The End ..

I don’t know what I’m going to be talking about or what I will write, life and happiness, love and sadness, loss and failure, or sacrifice and pain, I don’t know which to talk about but I guess we all know very well each one of those, I guess each life got them all, and when you think about them all at once it really can be very confusing and I am confused.

The thought that you have gone through all of those and managed to move on is a bit scary, makes you understand that nothing shall last, happy moments would be forgotten and sad moment will be left behind, hearts will get broken and then they will get healed again, friends might fall apart so that others would get along, and so it’s never the end even when you’re sure it is.

It will never be the end, for with each closure, opens a new door, and with each loss comes a new hope, so when you feel you have seen it all and fell very tough, remember that it’s not the end yet, no matter how long you will stay deep down you will rise again, because the sun will keep on shining even if it kept you in darkness for a little while, and life will be gentle on you even if it hit you hard at times, never forget that when you feel like falling, for it will help you rise again.

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