Moments To Steal

Awhile ago I was listening to old songs on Youtube, songs that I almost forgot, even though they were my all time favorite when I was 9 or 10 years old, maybe I don’t love listening to these songs a lot now but I have truly enjoyed them, perhaps they took me back 10 years ago where these songs reflected many memories in my life, I felt I have stolen few moments from the long gone past, and it was amazing.

Those moments we steal to relive old memories are the best of moments, like when you all gather up to look at old pictures, you feel like you are back there again and that nothing have changed the way it did in reality, it might make you sad sometimes when it reminds you of what had gone that you miss so bad, but it will always cheer your heart and make you smile as you relive the best moments in your life.

There is always something to yearn for in our childhood and the past, whether it was an old friend, school days, or maybe just a piece of biscuit we used to buy, we always yearn for the old days as if they were the best days of our lives, that is why we try to seize every chance we get to steal a moment of the past by listening to a song, or looking at a picture, then we remember and look at each others and laugh, or smile with tears in the eyes, and I guess we all know what we hold in that smile.

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2 thoughts on “Moments To Steal

  1. These days I am writing a novel and I can feel the same things you wrote. My hands ask for rest but I always wanted to write each and every detail!

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