Only For You

A strange thought just crossed my mind, when a friend or someone we love comes to us with his problem, we try the hardest and do our best to come up with the best solution, and sometimes we do a great help, but if the same problem had been ours we find ourselves helpless with nothing in hands to do, why is that? Why do we make more effort for others more than what we do to ourselves? Why are we capable of helping others but we can’t help ourselves? Or is it that a problem from the outside seems easier and clearer? I wonder.

But maybe sometimes when we love people more than we love ourselves, we fight their battles and ease their pain, because every wound they have would hurt us too, because they matter to us the most, only for them we are willing to do things we’ve never done to ourselves, their pleasure and their pain take a big place in our hearts, and sometimes they don’t even know that, they don’t know the great part they are stealing of our lives, but even so we are still happy they are a part of our life.

Only for you I will fight, and I will carry your burdens on my shoulder, lay your head down and get things out of your mind, you got lovers who are burdened with your worries and wounded by your tears, so never mind and walk ahead, you got lovers who got your back, and only for your they shall always do.

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4 thoughts on “Only For You

  1. This is a very interesting concept. I’ve wondered this often. Sometimes when I can’t figure out a problem, I think “What would I tell a friend to do with the same problem.”

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