Laugh Out Loud

Take away all the drama and put the actions aside, I need to run away and have some good time, with TV in front of me going through channel after channel, put me Seinfeld or Frasier, Simpsons or Friends, let me see Goerge Carlin, and give me some crazy laughs, we are grateful for the great comedians all over the world for granting us these cheerful times, for uplifting our moods, and for being the characters we shall never forget through all time.

What really amazed me the last few months is that I have been watching few comedy shows from Jordan (my country), making an excellent work to entertain and amuse us all, and we were all happy and proud to see these great comedians are coming from here, characters that had stolen all our attentions and topped our minds, like Rajae Qawas, Mohammad Zakarneh, Tima Shomali, Ahmad Ghanem, Mohammad Zghoul, Laith Abbadi, Nicolas Khoury, Abd Elrahman Saqer, and many more, big names we are proud to have them in Jordan.

There is more than laughters in the comedian shows they make; we started using their lines in our daily conversations, and then it turns from a regular talk into a hilarious one, which makes the time sweeter with friends or family, for we forget, even if for a moment, all that had troubled our minds and hearts, yes, they can always cheer us up and they do it the best, because they don’t make us laugh only when the show begin, but through all the day, everytime we remember a scene or a word, we start telling each others about it and the laughing starts again.

  • Fooq Al Sada: I just started watching it this month and oh my God how amazing it was, we are now obsessed with the characters of abu el ghooor and zghoul, and we always enjoy talking the way they do, they talk about issues we face that bother us and I always agree with what they say.


  • Female: both Rajae Qawas and Time Shomali are amazing comedians, so they made an incredible show where they meet, fall in love and get engaged, and in that time till comes the wedding, they brought us many hilarious moments that we will all remember whenever we find ourselves in these situations.


  • N2O Comedy: well, that’s what I watched the first, many comedians gather up here doing an amazing stand up comedy, laughing out loud is all you do when watching them, funny, talented, and they know how to make us laugh


I wish I could find these shows translated to those who can’t understand Arabic, but hopefully we will soon, and I would like to thank our great comedians to let them know how much grateful we are for what they do.

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