Nothing Else Matters

Sometimes when life hits us hard, it steals a part of us, that which we used to love before, sometimes it teaches us not to trust and never to forgive, steals our goodness and turns it into bad deeds, that will only harm us in the end, like filling our hearts with anger and hatred, but it’s only our loss to waste life on these useless matters, for somehow in the end we would be unable to forgive ourselves too.

Remember to give but never wait for return, those who love you will always give you more than they’ve got, and those who don’t will take and leave, but they shouldn’t take a place in your mind, not even to hate or forgive, they do not matter to you, spare your worries and concern for those who do matter.

Life will always surround you with ugliness but never let it steal your beauty, rise above all the wounds and disappointments, but hang on only to those who worth suffering for, and when people decide to leave, let them go, if they love you they’ll find a way to be with you.

Well, I know we all come through moments that break us down, but don’t let the grieve buries you inside and turns you into someone you are not, into someone you hate, someone you cannot recognize anymore, because the real challenge in life is to walk through those harsh roads but never lose yourself in there.

Always remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be, don’t be the one who might have been, place the dream in front of your eyes as you walk ahead so you never get lost, for life hits and tricks us but we never give up, life will break us apart but we’ll carry the pieces and rise again, life will betray us and leave us behind, but we’ll keep on believing and we’ll never lose faith, for life will also show us hope to pat on our shoulders and help us stand again, and nothing else matters.

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