What If I Can Rewrite The Script ?!

They say everything happens for a reason, but when the results are not walking along our desire, we can’t help but to wonder, what if we can rewrite the script? What if we can go back in time and change that little detail? Would that satisfy us? For sometimes it seems so unfair to act along the scenarios of our lives, we want to write our own scenraios, where we would manage to save a heart before it breaks apart, where we would have not been forced to leave and say goodbye, I want to write the script that never lets me fall apart.

What we don’t know is that we might get ourselves in more troubles if we got the right to write our own scripts, we are unaware that god makes plans which are beyond our knowledge, maybe god had choosed what is best for us, maybe god had saved us from writing the script, because the truth is we can never write the script that we think we can, everything happens for a reason and only god knows the reason we are unaware of, and in god we trust, for no one but god can show us the way.

So I guess we just need to let go sometimes and follow the script, you’ll be put in tough scenes, and you will have to cry at times, but remember that the best is yet to come, have a little bit of faith in life, for it’s won’t be coming against you all the time but it gotta be tough on you to guide your steps, it gotta break your heart sometimes to show you the meaning of love and friendship, and it has to push you hard for there is a future waiting for you.

So let go of the past but keep inside the sweet memories, it will remind you of the beauty of life and warmth of your beloved ones, keep the dream ahead of you and pray for god to help you make it true, but most of all never let the day pass by hoping if you can change the script, never let yourself surrender to this, but play the script in your own unique way, then maybe you will manage to change a little.

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