Words To Live By

In order to reach our goals and dreams, we need to be motivated to fight, for sometimes we lose the way and we need something to push us to keep trying, something to remind us of hope, therefore I’m sharing these words that had been a true inspiration to me, for may they inspire and … More Words To Live By

Power Of The Night

Clock is ticking, TV turned off, another silent night drifts by, with no company only my thoughts wandering across my mind, the thoughts of the night are frightening enough not to let you sleep, even though they give you every reason to close your eyes and sleep away for awhile, sometimes it’s the people you … More Power Of The Night

The Unforgiven

“Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets”, this quote has been crawling through my head all day, for some reason it makes me feel a bit sad, for the thought is frightening enough not to leave my head, I don’t know what the right regrets would be, but … More The Unforgiven

Never Give Up

It’s been more than a year I’ve been writing in here about life, hope and following our dreams, things I’ve always wanted to believe in, fantasies I’ve always desired to pursue, I wrote about dreams coming true if we insisted to pursue them, and now I understand that all these writings have been my real … More Never Give Up