The Boy And The Rain

I’ve always had this argument with my friends when they used to tell me to think positive and I ask them if thinking positive will ever change life, or what is the use of thinking positive if the result would be just the same? For I used to believe in “Losing all hope is freedom” and with no hope we would be having nothing to lose, but was that right? Have I been making things better or worse with these thoughts?

Well, today I came across an interesting post in Paulo Coelho’s Blog, about a story of a boy and the rain, about beliefs and faith:

After four years of drought in the small north-east village, the priest gathered everyone for a pilgrimage up to the mountain; there they would do a collective prayer, asking for the rain to fall again.

In the group, the priest noticed a boy wearing a raincoat.

‘Are you crazy?’ he asked the boy.

‘It hasn’t rained in this region for five years and the heat from hiking up the mountain will kill you.’

The boy replied: ‘I have a cold, priest. If we are going to ask God for rain, can you imagine our return from the mountain? It will be a spate and I need to be prepared.’

At this moment, they heard a great roar coming from the sky and the first drops began to fall. It sufficed the faith of a boy in a miracle that even the most prepared ones didn’t believe in.

So yes, I guess I was wrong, if we hope and believe that what we want shall come true then one day it will, hope for the best so it would come, “impossible” is a false word, don’t let it trick you to give up, but prapare yourself for the dream for it will definitely come if you kept following it, don’t ever think that your dream is too big or too far, because if you really want it then you can reach it.

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