Never Give Up

It’s been more than a year I’ve been writing in here about life, hope and following our dreams, things I’ve always wanted to believe in, fantasies I’ve always desired to pursue, I wrote about dreams coming true if we insisted to pursue them, and now I understand that all these writings have been my real motivation that kept me hanging in here after all, these words were always reminding me to hold on and wait, were always pushing me to walk and give it a try.

Recently I have reached a dream I have been pursuing few years ago, and the challenge had begun, I just came back to school to continue my education, have I mentioned before that I left school after 9th grade 5 years ago? I didn’t want that but circumstances lead us sometimes to the undesired road, but the thought of getting back to it had never left my mind, and here I am, following my dream after 5 years of being away, with huge excitement and pleasure I brought the books and started preparing for my exams, and the journey had begun.

Now I know what it means to say “Never Give Up”, for if we kept trying, life will give us what we want somehow, you might lose your way at times but let your passion guide your feet and it will never fail you, I’m sure. Free yourself from your worries and fears, thinking that things won’t work out the way you want it to be, I know we will be safe this way but we will be missing the true essence of life, life challenges are never easy but they really do worth it, your dream worth fighting for, so never give up on it.

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