Power Of The Night

Clock is ticking, TV turned off, another silent night drifts by, with no company only my thoughts wandering across my mind, the thoughts of the night are frightening enough not to let you sleep, even though they give you every reason to close your eyes and sleep away for awhile, sometimes it’s the people you miss that keep you up and sometimes it’s the love of your life, or maybe it’s the sweet memories of yesterday or the promising plans of tomorrow, and sometimes it’s just life and death.

No matter how exhausted we are by the time we reach to bed, our minds somehow awakens again not to let us relax, and at times like these, the best thing to do is to get up, leave the bed then go watch a movie instead, until your mind is tired of waiting as you fall asleep.

Silence and darkness reflect the power of the night, the strange energy that shines on you or pulls you down, promises you of hopeful chances or depresses you with lost ones, and either way it might lead you astray, so what I think is that we should never let ourselves fall deep into these thoughts, we only need to sleep, for it’s just wasteful and useless to keep your mind up, tomorrow will guide your steps again, remember every night you find yourself lost that there is always tomorrow to make things right.

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One thought on “Power Of The Night

  1. I would like to add some points.. These thoughts are the one which give us direction to select the next step. They tell us what should be done if we face same circumstances the next time.
    They make us realize what we thought the thing was, and what it was actually!

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