5 Minutes Of Dreaming

My exams are getting closer and I have been studying harder the last few days, and after an exhausting day of solving mathematics and physics problems, memorizing geography and biology theories, I felt I needed to take a break, made a cup of tea and tuned in to some quite music, all I need is to stay motivated day after day, in order not to forget the dream I have always prayed for, always … always … put your dream in front of your eyes, because the more you see it the harder you worked for it.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”, that’s what I believe in, so when you reach to bed, give yourself 5 minutes of dreaming before you close your eyes, steal few images of the future and watch yourself become who you want to be, and then the sun will shine to rush you into work with more excitement and joy, because you know deep down that you are walking in the right path.

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