A Year To Remember

Here goes another year, looks back at us with sympathy “you have seen nothing yet” it says as the clock hits 12, we buried all the memories of 2012 deep inside our heart as a reminder that we can overcome everything that comes our ways, maybe we didn’t see an end for this world as some have predicted, but we may have known an end for some chapters in our lives, maybe we have made a dream come true, maybe we have lost a friend, or maybe we’ve gone a different road, to find ourselves in a new place only burdened with too many memories.

But it all fades away as the new year begins, though we have no idea what is yet to come, we love to see the new chance that it shall carry along, we ask ourselves to try once more if we have failed before, we tell our heart that now we might forget what had been so difficult to bear before, a new year is a chance of hope for it is still a blank page with no mistakes and no losses, it awaits for us to leave our dreams and memories all over its white pages, so pick up the right colors to decorate your days and follow your dreams to make it worthy.

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language, and next year’s words await another voice.” So try to seize every minute of everyday, for this New Year is another passer by that shall leave us behind as we welcome a new one, let it be a year to remember.

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