In this cold and freezing weather in Amman, everybody is out playing in the streets; everybody is playing as if we are children again, playing with snowballs and making our own snowman, the white snow visits our lands to refresh our spirits and to remind us of the beauty of this world that we often forget, the minute we see the white land we put behind all the schedules and all the worries, we put on our jackets and rush ourselves out.

Little girl throwing snowballs on her daddy and her mother is taking photos, and the boys are chasing each others, wild laughter of a little boy and a warm smile of a mother, everybody gathers up to share their photos and to tease each others, I’m sure these scenes really do spread joy all over the place, makes you want to go out with them, whether you are young or old, happy or sad, even if you are sleepy and tired, you know it’s worthwhile.

And when night lays its darkness over their footprints and what still remains of their snowmen, all people stay in, to watch a movie or maybe play a game of cards, and some gather up to share stories with each others, parents start telling their old stories for their kids, which creates a warm cozy evening while surrounded with cold and snow.

Those were really great times that came unplanned, a reminder for us that we need to spare some times for us to act crazy and to amuse ourselves, away from work and stress, away from burdens and obligations, a time to relive the child we hide inside and throw a snowball.

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