Story Of A Shadow

Let me turn off the lights for awhile and gaze into the darkness, where a ghost or two would cross behind your closed eyes, let me tell you a short story about a boy who loved the dark in order not to lose his shadow, but can it be followed? He definitely knew how to be safe but he never dared to lose his shadow and walk to the light, he never saw the sun behind the wall nor did he catch the wind, withered leaves of roses and a wasted smell of perfumes were all he could have stolen through the hole.

Let tell you about a boy who woke up in you, who is no longer afraid of the night, let me tell you about your shadows which had followed you into here, why have you led them astray? Why did you misguide their steps? Have you lost your soul day by dragging a day that these black images on the wall are all that remain to you? What have you seen little boy and why are you no longer afraid?


Dare to breathe and leave the shadows behind, one day you shall lose them beneath the sun and the clouded sky will pat on your shoulder, let the rain touch your skin and allow the cold breezes to tickle your heart, sleep my little boy and set me free, I don’t want images on walls no more, let me turn on the lights and make my own steps, allow me to go to a life in colors, where black hurts and white is pure, where green is spring and red is love, sleep my little boy, I am no longer your burdened shadow.

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