The Last Dance

Close your eyes and allow yourself to fall into my arms, have no worries and let the heart beats guide your steps, save me one last dance, one last bleak dance like that sharp tune of the violin, would it wound your heart? A cold heart that beats so delicately, aches me as it tickles me, a cold heart that kills so ruthlessly, cuts my heart into pieces then paints a smile through my lips, oh pretty girl, would you have a little mercy for this poor lover?

Play the kind of music that would rhyme the sorrow in my heart, play a sad tune for the weary heart and play on all night, where moonlight floats over the quarreling glances of eyes, unspoken words and broken promises, memories of joy and tomorrows for yearning.

Sing us a song for the last dance and let the music steals our steps away, sing a sad song that would make her weep so I can wipe away her tears, for may she hides a kind word beneath her cold heart, maybe she would whisper to me that she might miss me, play a sad tune that would make her weep so I can forgive her, then let her walk away.

the last dance
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