The Way It Used To Be

Well, a crazy thought had just came to me as I was flipping through some old memories in my head, remembering things the way they used to be, wondering why we always miss things the way they used to be, though we remember very well that we were not happy then, but somehow we manage to look through the past as the place we belong to, is that because it had become out of reach? Has it become more desirable since it’s gone? What a strange thing the human mind can be! Always knows how to show the best in what we have no more and steals the pleasure of the things we own.

We spend the days dreaming for a change and praying for a new chapter, and the minute it happens we look back with sad eyes, yearning for the way things used to be, then we end up wasting the past by dreaming to get rid of it and losing the current moments by regretful longing, and we will keep on doing that till there is no time left, till we feel the true harsh regret in our hearts!

The stranger of all is that we start to appreciate things more after we lose them, you start to miss your old school though you’ve never liked it, the human mind has a strange way to beautify the past, deluding us to believe that they were the best days of our lives, the point is that we must keep memories for our past and we can’t help but to yearn for certain things at times, but we need to believe that there will come new good days too, new stories to make fascinating memories of, and new moments that we will never forget.

the way it used to be

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