Last Valentine

Where streets are overwhelmed with red roses and the perfumed smell of lilies and daffodils is filling the air, where lovers are walking hand in hand, a boy hides a gift behind his back and a pretty young girl rests her head to his shoulder, where the delicate music of love leaves a bittersweet refrain to my heart, you would cross my mind again.

They might play the song we have danced on last valentine, another boy and girl would be filling our chairs and she might look as enchanting as you were last valentine, in that lovely black dress and the red scarf that I gave you around your neck, would you put it on tonight and remember me? Would you be all alone tonight telling your best friend the memories we’ve made last year? Would you put on some music and cry out your heart to sleep? Would I mistakenly cross your mind tonight? Oh how I hope I would.

How I hope for a crazy memory to gather us in a dream, forgiving each others with no apologies and no words, I’d smile and tell you how pretty you are still, and you would close your eyes and hold me tight, I would buy you a red rose and ask you to be my valentine for tonight and forever, oh how I hope I would accidentally cross your mind and lead you to my door.

last valentine

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