I Was Here …

Sometimes I wonder how it would be if inanimate things have feelings the way we do, how would it be if walls can feel the absence of their families, what if they are weeping silently! Sometimes I wonder if chairs feel lonely once we get up and leave them empty, I wonder if a table can still smell my coffee morning till this day, or if a bed had never felt warm again since she walked away, sometimes I like to believe that if I went back to an old place, the walls would remember me and welcome me back.

But yet how harsh and painful would it be if they really do have feelings the way we do, we pass by a wall for some time, we leave a trace and share few precious memories, then we leave it behind and take along all the memories that we’ve made, and all it can do is wait for another passer by, some walls are holding a wild cozy life and others are holding a cold empty space, some doors are surrounded by lovers knocking on it while others had been left forgotten.

I don’t know what had just brought this crazy thought into my mind, but I couldn’t help not to picture these images as they are crossing my mind, a lonesome dusty piano mumbles old tunes of his late friend, a neglected necklace in the top of her closet yearns for the touch of her skin, well, I don’t know where I am heading with these images, but sometimes I wonder if we leave traces at the places we have crossed, a sign that says: I was here …

i was here

One thought on “I Was Here …

  1. Don’t worry you are not the only freak. I also sometimes think about it specifically for my personal diary and just for my own satisfaction I write sorry to it when I write after weeks 😀

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