Happy Mother’s Day

There is a miraculous place on earth that would ease up all your pains and steal away all the worries, a hand that touches you so tenderly to let you know that you are safe, there is one cozy spot in this world that would make you feel home no matter how far you really are, and it all comes by to you through the arms of a mother, a soft whisper in the ear to tell us how much we are loved, a quite prayer at night to guide our steps, and morning kiss each day to wake us up and follow the dreams, for in the end of the day no matter how troubled you were, a goodnight kiss from your mom will make it all fade away and help you sleep at peace, then she stays awake and worries on you, that’s what a mother is, holding all your burdens on her chest then tells you that you are going to be just fine, and as long as she is by your side, you really are going to be fine.

motherAnd tomorrow is a special day for all of us, for it’s our day to let our mothers know how grateful and lucky we are, to let your mother know that she owns a big spot in your heart, to tell her how much you love her and pray for God to keep her safe for you.

But while celebrating this special day as everyone is buying gifts, I can’t help but to think of all the children who lost their moms, children who have no one to celebrate with, and buying gifts to keep them in their closets, I can’t help but to picture an image of a tear on a child’s face who spends this day alone.

So I would like to leave a prayer for each one of us on this special day, God bless the souls of all the mothers who left behind beautiful memories for their sons and daughters to be remembered by, they are watching you from above to keep you warm and safe.

And as we are preparing for tomorrow’s surprise and buying presents, I pray for God to keep all our mothers safe and by our sides, I pray for you mom, to keep you safe and healthy, and always with me all the way, I love you!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our moms 🙂


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