Griffin And Phoenix

Last night I couldn’t stop my tears from drifting as I was watching a sentimental romantic movie called “Griffin and Phoenix”, if you have watched this movie before, you would know what I’m talking about, every scene that passes by, finds a terrific way for moving our hearts, the story is sad and sentimental, but what makes the movie worthy of watching is the humorous characters of Sara Phoenix and Henry Griffin, and the amazing way they express their thoughts and feelings, I myself was deeply moved by this movie and I would definitely watch it again.

griffin and phoenixThe film starts with Henry Griffin learning from his oncologist that his cancer has spread, and that he only has one year or two at most, left to live, finding this out makes him want to start a new journey for self-reflection, as in starting a novel, and taking psychology class where he meets Sara Phoenix, the two share together wild adventures and childish activities like sneaking into a movie theater, and they fall in love with each other, their relationship gets deeper when Sara reveals that she too is suffering from terminal disease, so together they start making the most of their last days alive, each one of them starts making the other’s wishes come true by helping each other achieving them, they decide to experience all which they have always wanted in the days that are still left for them.

I want to tell you about the scenes that moved me the most, there is this scene where a woman in the hospital asks Sara if she has children and Sara answers with no, the woman replies: “you’re young, you still have time”, you can see the sadness in Sara’s smile, and then as she and Griffin were taking a walk, they cross by a woman who is shouting at her little boy and threatening him that she will beat him, Sara gets so angry at this tough woman and starts yelling at her and telling she’s a monster and a terrible mother, then Sara started crying hardly and shouting: “What horrible, unfeeling,  weak God would let you be a mother to any child?! People like you shouldn’t have children, people like you shouldn’t have children, it’s so unfair“.

phoenixGriffin and Phoenix promise each other that whoever dies first doesn’t want to be visited not in hospital neither in grave, when Sara gets very sick she leave alone to the hospital, but Griffin breaks his promise and goes to visit her, at that scene Phoenix says something deep before asking him to leave, she talks about last things in life, she said: “I’ve done so many things that at some point I did for the last time and I wasn’t paying attention. And then I met you and I got to laugh and make love and fall in love all for the last time… but this time I paid attention.”

If we really believe that what we are doing at the meantime might be the last time for doing it, we would find more pleasure in it.

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