What Winners Are Made of !

I started up my day with this quote: “While most are dreaming of success, winners wake-up and work hard to achieve it.”, a push to get us out of bed at morning is sometimes what we need the most, an encourage word to put us into work and achieve the promises we make to ourselves each night, a hope for tomorrow to let us be led be our dreams.

The moment you realize this, you must understand that it’s time to stop living your dream each night before your eyes, it is time to start making it come true, don’t wait for someone to push you ahead, don’t ask for encouraging words to follow your own desires, this is your dream you are looking at, and if you can still see it then you do not need a motive to guide your steps, your goal is your real motive.

That is what winners are made of; they never find excuses for wasting time, neither do they blame life for their misfortune, they believe they can make their own luck, and being angry at people, life or even God wouldn’t make it any better, they know it is not the answer to their questions, for all that you want and all that you need to be a winner lies inside of you, so stop asking questions, stop complaining about your life, stop cursing your luck, and question yourself where do I need to begin?

what winners are made of

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