What If It’s Not Impossible ?!

Someone once said: “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”, I look at people and I see they refuse to try because they are afraid to fail, they raise their disability as an excuse not to try, and it keeps growing deep inside their minds until they totally believe that they can’t, this is their destiny and it’s all written.

You will keep this thought in your head till the day you the see the impossible is being done by some person, till you see the joy of realizing a dream, only fighters can do that, champions they are, for they wrote their own destinies, faced by failures and suffering, faced by sickness and poverty, they believed they should not settle for less than what they deserve, and that’s how destiny must be, we have the choice!


You can hide in your bed and pretend to be asleep, but one day you will be awaken by the time which you have wasted, by the dreams which were buried away, by the hopes which you refused to listen to, you can close your eyes but they won’t go away, for you have made them promises you did not keep.

So never underestimate the power in you and what you are capable of, read stories of champions who achieved the impossible so you would be reminded that you too can do it, “A champion is the person who gets up when he can’t” champions make their glory of hard times and windy obstacles, for nothing that is worth having comes easy.

So in the end I want to leave you with this thought, think of the thing you always dream of but it is unlikely to happen, let me ask you this if it’s still in your heart: WHAT IF IT’S NOT IMPOSSIBLE?

2 thoughts on “What If It’s Not Impossible ?!

  1. Every person is born leader. God has made everyone equal. It is the person who focus on some of those skills!

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