White Nights

White Nights is like many other stories for Dostoevsky, told by a nameless narrator, the story begins with the lonely nameless young man, who usually walks in the streets of the city and makes talks with the houses there, he lives alone in an absurd way, as a thinker or a dreamer as he names it, the story has been told in four nights, giving the lonesome young man a new taste of life, the way he had always dreamed but thought he would never experience.

The first night he goes to the city and feels happy for some reasons, so he goes back singing in the empty streets, but he glances a young girl crying alone in the street, and yet he did not have enough courage to speak to her, until he finds her irritated by a strange man in the other side of the street, so he goes and takes her away, they both have a deep talk and before she leaves he tells her that he doesn’t want this to be their last meeting, and they agree to meet again the next day, same place at same time.

The second night they both share their history, and she tells him that she is no different than him, she is pinned to her blind grandmother and that she can go nowhere, then she tells him about the good looking young man who was a lodger in their house, who she loved and felt his love in return, but when she hears that he had finished his business there and that he is going to leave, she packs up her puddle at night and decides to go to him, but he, in sorrowful eyes, declares to her that he doesn’t have much and so he is not in a position to marry, so he promises her and gives her his word that he will come back for her next year to marry her.

But sadly she says that it has been a year by now, and that he came but she didn’t hear from him, not a line, so he helps her to write a letter for him, though that deep inside he started to realize that he loves her.

Then came the third and the forth night and they got no reply from him to the letter, and while she feels deeply disappointed, he confesses her love to her, and she tells him that she would love him as well, and that she would get over this pain, but as they were making plans, the old lodger passes by and calls her name, and she runs out to him.

The next morning he receives a letter from her asking him to forgive her and how she wishes she can love them both, “My God, a whole moment of happiness! Is that too little for the whole of a man’s life?” he wonders.

One thought on “White Nights

  1. Very beautiful,I thing that question come tso a lot of people mine as well,can u love two peopleat the same time?

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